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A COMPREHENSIVE SOURCE OF TOTAL COMPENSATION INFORMATION FOR THE INDEPENDENT ENERGY INDUSTRY!  The 2022 AON Survey will be released in March with results to be ready in August 2022 and presented at our Annual Conference - September 28-30, 2022.

The market for management talent in the independent power industry is extremely competitive-driven by the business challenges in an evolving industry and uncertain economy. Meaningful compensation information is critical to developing programs that attract, retain, and engage the right people to meet these challenges.


The Energy Industry Compensation Survey sponsored by the Independent Energy Human Resources Association (IEHRA) is the only source of compensation information geared specifically to independent power companies.


2022 Survey Calendar:
   Data Submission Available                        Friday, March 11, 2022

   Data Submission Due                                Friday, June 10, 2022
   Survey Results Published                           Friday, August 12, 2022
   IEHRA Conference Workshop                    Wednesday, September 28, 2022

  • Strong Participant Base: 100 companies participated in the survey, representing almost 40,296  incumbents, spanning power generation across all fuel types, renewable and fossil fuel, as well as peripheral energy services and upstream infrastructure, such as pipelines and terminal operations


  • High Retention Rate: Approximately 83% of participating organizations return year-over-year, providing a strong link to trends year-over-year in at our annual conference


  • Comprehensive Listing of Survey Positions:  over 400  industry-specific positions, including executive, management and professional, technical, and operations positions. All positions are organized into functions: staff, generation (including plant level positions), wholesale, and retail sales.  We continue to expand our survey positions in the renewable markets.


  • Comprehensive Industry Breakdown: Results for management and corporate survey roles provided overall and by regulated status, while all plant data are broken out further by region, plant size, plant type, and union status


  • Comprehensive View of Rewards: Long-term incentive and total direct compensation values are reported, in addition to base salary, short-term incentives and total cash compensation


For further details about the survey, including a list of participants and positions, please review the materials below or visit

To purchase this leading industry resource, please contact Carlos Andina at 847-442 1337 or email


The following 100 organizations participated in 2021 IEHRA Energy Industry Compensation Survey. Companies that participated in both 2021 and 2020 are indicated by an asterisk; a few companies that participated in 2020 as well are indicated by a double asterisk.

Acciona Energy USA Global LLC

AES United States


Alliant Energy Corporation**

Alyeska Pipeline Service Company**

Ameren Corporation**

American Electric Power Company, Inc.**

Andersons, Inc.

Arizona Public Service Company**

Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corp**

Associated Electric Cooperative Inc.**

Avangrid Inc.**

Avant Energy, Inc.**

Basin Electric Power Cooperative

Bay City Electric Light and Power

BayWa r.e. Solar Projects, LLC

Berkshire Hathaway Energy**

BluEarth Renewables Inc.

Boralex Hydro Operations Inc.


Buckeye Partners L.P.**

Calpine Corporation**

Capital Power Corporation**

CenterPoint Energy, Inc.**

Chevron Power Energy Management**

City Utilities of Springfield, MO*

Clearway Energy Group LLC

Cleco Corporation**

CMS Energy Corporation**

Colorado Springs Utilities*

Consolidated Edison, Inc.*

Covanta Energy**

CPS Energy**

Dairyland Power Cooperative*

Diamond Generating Corporation**

Dominion Energy, Inc.**

DTE Energy Company**

Duke Energy Corporation**

EDF Renewables**

EDF Trading Limited**

Edison International**

EDP Renewables North America LLC*

Electric Power Research Institute, Inc.

Energy Transfer*

Energysolutions, Inc.

Engie N.A.

Entergy Corporation

EthosEnergy Power Plant Services, LLC**

Exelon Corporation**

Ferrellgas Partners, L.P.*

First Solar, Inc.**

FirstEnergy Corp.**

Forefront Power Development LLC

Gas South, LLC*

Great River Energy**

Heorot Power Management LLC*

IHI Power Services Inc.**

Invenergy LLC


Lee County Electric Cooperative

Lower Colorado River Authority

MDU Resources Group, Inc.

Midwest AgEnergy Group**

NAES Corporation*

Nebraska Public Power District**

New York Power Authority**

NextEra Energy Resources**

NiSource Inc.**


NuStar Energy L.P.**

OCI Enterprises, Inc.*

OGE Energy Corp**

Oglethorpe Power Corporation**

Old Dominion Electric Cooperative**


Ormat Technologies Inc.*

Pedernales Electric Cooperative, Inc.*

PG&E Corporation**

PJM Interconnection, LLC**

Portland General Electric**

Power Plant Management Services LLC**

PPL Corporation

Prairie State Generating Company, LLC**

Public Service Enterprise Group

Public Utility District #1 of Chelan County**

Sacramento Municipal Utility District**

Seminole Electric Cooperative Inc.**

Sempra Energy**

Southeast Energy Group-Dominion Energy(SCANA) Corporation)**

Southern Company**

Southwest Generation Operating Company, LLP*

Spire Inc.*

Sustainable Power


Tennessee Valley Authority*

Vistra Energy**

Vivint Solar, Inc.

WEC Energy Group*

Wellhead Electric Company

Xcel Energy, Inc.**


Corporate & Staff 

Chief Executive Officer - Corporate

Chief Executive Officer - Group

Chief Executive Officer - Division

Manager Corporate Communications/Public Relations

Communications Specialist—Senior

Communications Specialist—Intermediate

Communications Specialist—Entry

Top Financial - Corporate

Top Financial - Group

Top Financial - Division

Manager Project Finance

Manager Accounting

Accounting Supervisor




Top Tax - Corporate

Top Tax - Group

Top Tax - Division

Director Tax

Manager Tax

Tax Accountant—Senior

Tax Accountant—Intermediate

Tax Accountant—Entry

Treasurer - Corporate

Treasurer - Group

Treasurer - Division

Manager Treasury

Treasury Analyst—Senior

Treasury Analyst—Intermediate

Treasury Analyst—Entry

Top Financial Planning and Analysis - Corporate

Top Financial Planning and Analysis - Group

Top Financial Planning and Analysis - Division

Director Financial Management

Manager Financial Planning and Analysis

Financial Planning Analyst—Senior

Financial Planning Analyst—Intermediate

Financial Planning Analyst—Entry

Controller - Corporate

Controller - Group

Controller - Division

Assistant Controller/Director

Top Human Resources - Corporate

Top Human Resources - Group

Top Human Resources - Division

Director Human Resources

Manager Human Resources

Human Resources Professional/Generalist—Senior

Human Resources Professional/Generalist—Intermediate

Human Resources Professional/Generalist—Entry

Top Legal - Corporate

Top Legal - Group

Top Legal - Division

Associate/Assistant General Counsel

Managing Attorney




Top Compliance-NERC - Corporate

Top Compliance-NERC - Group

Top Compliance-NERC - Division

Manager Compliance-NERC

Top Government/Regulatory Affairs - Corporate

Top Government/Regulatory Affairs - Division

Top Government/Regulatory Affairs - Group

Manager Government/Regulatory Affairs

Government/Regulatory Affairs Attorney—Senior

Government/Regulatory Affairs Attorney—Intermediate

Government/Regulatory Affairs Attorney—Entry

Top Strategic Planning - Corporate

Top Strategic Planning - Group

Top Strategic Planning - Division

Strategic Planning Manager

Strategic Planning Analyst—Senior

Strategic Planning Analyst—Intermediate

Strategic Planning Analyst—Entry



Top Engineering - Corporate

Top Engineering - Group

Top Engineering - Division

Top Engineering/Construction - Corporate

Top Engineering/Construction - Group

Top Engineering/Construction - Division

Director Engineering/Construction

Design Engineer—Senior

Design Engineer—Intermediate

Design Engineer—Entry

Structural Engineer - PV Systems—Senior

Structural Engineer - PV Systems—Intermediate

Structural Engineer - PV Systems—Entry

Mechanical Engineer—Senior

Mechanical Engineer—Intermediate

Mechanical Engineer—Entry

Process Engineer—Senior

Process Engineer—Intermediate

Process Engineer—Entry

Project Engineer—Senior

Project Engineer—Intermediate

Project Engineer—Entry

Top Power Development - Corporate

Top Power Development - Group

Top Power Development - Division

Regional/VP Power Development

Director Power Development

Director Development

Manager Commissioning

Commissioning Supervisor

Commissioning Technician

Top Construction - Corporate

Top Construction - Group

Top Construction - Division

Top Asset Management - Corporate

Top Asset Management - Group

Top Asset Management - Division

Director Asset Management

Regional Asset Management

Asset Manager

Asset Management Analyst—Senior

Asset Management Analyst—Intermediate

Asset Management Analyst—Entry

Site Manager

Top Environmental Engineer - Corporate

Top Environmental Engineer - Group

Top Environmental Engineer - Division

Environmental Engineer—Senior

Environmental Engineer—Intermediate

Environmental Engineer—Entry

Construction Site Project Manager (Multiple Sites)

Construction Site Project Manager

Project Manager—Senior

Project Manager—Intermediate

Project Manager—Entry




Business Development—Senior
Business Development—Intermediate

Top Transmission Operations - Corporate

Top Transmission Operations - Group

Top Transmission Operations - Division

Director Transmission

Transmission Analyst—Senior

Transmission Analyst—Intermediate

Transmission Analyst—Entry

Manager Contract Administration

Contract Administrator—Senior

Contract Administrator—Intermediate

Contract Administrator—Entry

Dispatch Director




Top Power Trading - Corporate

Top Power Trading - Group

Top Power Trading - Division

Director Power Trading

Power Trader—Senior

Power Trader—Intermediate

Power Trader—Entry

Director Real Time Power Trading

Real Time Power Trader—Senior

Real Time Power Trader—Intermediate

Real Time Power Trader—Entry

Top Trading - Corporate

Top Trading - Group

Top Trading - Division

Top Gas/Fuels Trading - Corporate

Top Gas/Fuels Trading - Group

Top Gas/Fuels Trading - Division

Gas/Fuels Trader—Senior

Gas/Fuels Trader—Intermediate

Gas/Fuels Trader—Entry

Manager Power Scheduling

Manager Gas Scheduling

Gas Scheduler—Senior

Gas Scheduler—Intermediate

Gas Scheduler—Entry

Top Risk - Corporate

Top Risk - Group

Top Risk - Division

Director Risk

Risk Analyst—Senior

Risk Analyst—Intermediate

Risk Analyst—Entry




Top Credit - Corporate

Top Credit - Group

Top Credit - Division

Director Credit

Credit Analyst—Senior

Credit Analyst—Intermediate

Credit Analyst—Entry

Top Structuring and Pricing - Corporate

Top Structuring and Pricing - Group

Top Structuring and Pricing - Division

Director of Structuring and Pricing

Manager of Structuring and Pricing

Structuring and Pricing Analyst—Senior

Structuring and Pricing Analyst—Intermediate

Structuring and Pricing Analyst—Entry

Top Marketing and Trading - Corporate

Top Marketing and Trading - Group

Top Marketing and Trading - Division

Top Power Marketing/Origination - Corporate

Top Power Marketing/Origination - Group

Top Power Marketing/Origination - Division

Director Power Marketing/Origination

Manager Power Marketing/Origination

Power Marketer/Originator—Senior

Power Marketer/Originator—Intermediate

Power Marketer/Originator—Entry

Top Quantitative - Corporate

Top Quantitative - Group

Top Quantitative - Division

Director Quantitative Analysis

Quantitative Analyst—Senior

Quantitative Analyst—Intermediate

Quantitative Analyst—Entry

Power Scheduler—Senior

Power Scheduler—Intermediate

Power Scheduler—Entry

Top Gas, Coal, and Other Fuels Procurement - Corporate

Top Gas, Coal, and Other Fuels Procurement - Group

Top Gas, Coal, and Other Fuels Procurement - Division

Director Gas, Coal, and Other Fuels Procurement

Gas, Coal, and Other Fuels Procurement—Senior

Gas, Coal, and Other Fuels Procurement—Intermediate

Gas, Coal, and Other Fuels Procurement—Entry

Manager Client/Customer Service

Client/Customer Service—Senior

Client/Customer Service—Intermediate

Client/Customer Service—Entry

Top Marketing - Corporate

Top Marketing - Group

Top Marketing - Division

Marketing Director

Marketing Manager

Marketing Analyst—Senior

Marketing Analyst—Intermediate

Marketing Analyst—Entry

Top Retail Operations - Corporate

Top Retail Operations - Group

Top Retail Operations - Division

Director Retail Operations

Top Gas Supply - Corporate

Top Gas Supply - Group

Top Gas Supply - Division

Director Gas Supply

Top Power Supply - Corporate

Top Power Supply - Group

Top Power Supply - Division

Director Power Supply

Manager Power Supply

Power Supply Analyst—Senior

Power Supply Analyst—Intermediate

Power Supply Analyst—Entry


Chief Engineer

Plant Engineer

Plant Engineering Projects Manager

Engineering Technician 1

Engineering Technician 2

Engineering Technician 3

Top Operations (Multiple Plant/Regional) - Corporate

Top Operations (Multiple Plant/Regional) - Group

Top Operations (Multiple Plant/Regional) - Division

Head of Operations

Operations Manager

Top Power Plant Operations - Corporate

Top Power Plant Operations - Group

Top Power Plant Operations - Division

Electrical and Instrument Technician Supervisor

Electrical and Instrument Technician 1

Electrical and Instrument Technician 2

Electrical and Instrument Technician 3

Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Superintendent

Maintenance Supervisor

Maintenance Planner

Operations and Maintenance Manager

Operations and Maintenance Superintendent

Operations and Maintenance Supervisor

Operator/Maintenance Technician 1

Operator/Maintenance Technician 2

Operator/Maintenance Technician 3

Operations Superintendent

Operations Shift Supervisor

Operator 1

Operator 2

Operator 3

Chemical Lab Technician 1

Chemical Lab Technician 2

Chemical Lab Technician 3

Plant Manager

Multi-Plant Manager

Plant Business Manager

Plant Chemist

Plant Administrator

Maintenance 1

Maintenance 2

Maintenance 3

Control Operator

Plant Accountant

Top Environmental/Health/Safety - Corporate

Top Environmental/Health/Safety - Group

Top Environmental/Health/Safety - Division

Director Environmental/Health/Safety

Manager Environmental/Health/Safety

Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) Specialist—Senior

Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) Specialist—Intermediate

Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) Specialist—Entry

Plant Environmental/Health/Safety Engineer

Operations and Maintenance Project Manager (Single Plant)

Operations and Maintenance Project Manager (Multi Plant)

Inventory Control/Warehouse Administrator—Senior

Inventory Control/Warehouse Administrator—Intermediate

Stores/Warehouse Attendant

Fuels Supervisor

Fuels Handler

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